Football: an improved sport for life

AMDEP4288. ARMENIA (COLOMBIA), 23/07/2022.- Deyna Castellanos de Venezuela patea un balón, en un partido ante Argentina en el estadio Centenario, el 21 de julio de 2022, en Armenia (Colombia). Castellanos ha anotado dos tantos en la Copa América y aunque tiene el sinsabor de no haber podido ayudar a evitar las caídas ante Brasil por 0-4 y Argentina por 0-1, confía en que su puntería ayude a Venezuela a superar a Chile este domingo para llegar por la repesca al Mundial de 2023. EFE/Luis Eduardo Noriega A.

Football is the most popular sport in the world, in which it is shared with friends, family, and even strangers.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Like any sporting activity, football has various benefits that contribute to the physical, psychological, and social health of the people who practice it.

Physical benefits

  • Strength, coordination and endurance:

For 90 minutes, the body remains active, performing various exercises that help build strength and resistance in the body, improving cardiovascular and even respiratory health.

  • Muscle mass and bone structure:

The workouts contribute to the formation of muscle mass and the burning fat, which means a healthier body on a physical level. In addition, the constant practice of this sport strengthens and develops the bones and increases bone density.

Psychological and social benefits

  • Anxiety, self-esteem and confidence:

The constant practice of a sport, as long as the person likes it, generates an increase in people’s confidence and self-esteem, since physical capacity increases and that produces feelings of pride and self-esteem. In addition, by increasing these aspects, anxiety, frustration and stress decrease.

  • Teamwork and socialization:

Football, and most team sports, require a union and collaboration between different people. This encourages teamwork, cooperation, and socialization inside and outside of training.

Without a doubt, soccer is a sport that helps in many aspects of life, and that can bring many benefits to people that they can apply in different aspects of their lives.

At Goleadoras, we work so that each of these benefits is reflected in our girls, so that they can improve their lives in many aspects.

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